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January 2019 Newsletter

Dear Thorncliffe Families,

From the enthusiastic faces we saw this morning it is clear that students are rested, refreshed and eager to learn and grow in 2019! Reflecting upon the last days of 2018, we would like to thank our friends and supporters, particularly the large number of volunteers who worked at the PAC Casino on December 26 and 27. We really appreciate you for devoting time during your Christmas holidays to help support Thorncliffe School! Thanks also to the staff, families and students at Michael A. Kostek School and Victory Church on the Rock who provided hampers to many of our families.

With a few colder days in the forecast, I would like to review our cold weather policies. On days where the temperature reaches -23 degrees (Environment Canada) including the wind chill, students are allowed to enter the building through their regular recess/entry doors immediately when they arrive at school. Teachers are on supervision at 8:20 a.m. so please plan to arrive no earlier that this. On these inclement days, morning and afternoon recesses are held indoors. Supervisors remain inside the building and Grade 6 leaders go to classrooms where students have a selection of activities and recess games to choose from. At lunch on cold days, students eat as per usual in their classrooms and have indoor activities and clubs after lunch. If your child is going home for lunch, he/she should return to school just before the afternoon classes resume at 12:20 pm and buzz in at the front doors to gain entry.

We are looking forward to focused effort and strong student achievement in January, as students approach the halfway point the school year. I wish you health and happiness in 2019!

Yours in Education,

Mrs. Susan Tywoniuk

Principal, Thorncliffe School