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School Hours

8:34 Morning assembly at class entry doors

8:40 Classes begin

10:15 Recess begins

10:30 Recess ends

11:30 Dismiss for lunch (K – 6)

12:20 Afternoon assembly at class entry doors

12:30 Classes begin

2:00 Recess begins

2:15 Recess ends

3:30 Dismissal

Thursdays only: 2:05 Afternoon class ends (no recess)

Outdoor supervision begins at 8:20 am and 12:00 pm.

For the ongoing safety of all of our students, please assist us by ensuring your child arrives at the school no earlier than these times.


Regular and punctual attendance is essential for student success. To assist us in monitoring 
student attendance, we request that parents contact the school and leave a message on our 
answering machine if a child is to be away from school. This phone will be in operation 24 hours 
a day.


Please use the following pattern for reporting an absence:

My name is _______________. I am reporting that ________________ will be absent from 
school ________________ (when - today, this afternoon etc.) Grade _________ 
Name of Teacher _______________

If it is possible inform the child's teacher prior to an absence. If your child must leave school prior to afternoon dismissal please send a written note informing the teacher.

If chronic attendance problems do develop, parents will be contacted to ensure that a solution is reached. It is the responsibility of the school to inform the Provincial Attendance Board of any students with chronic attendance or punctuality problems.