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Mission Statement


Thorncliffe School Vision Statement


Citizens of Thorncliffe School invite wonder, hope and affirmation.  We are building habits that strengthen relationships, cultivate integrity and instill a desire to succeed.  Thorncliffe provides creative and innovative learning opportunities that are relevant and engaging.  We maintain an environment that facilitates teamwork, respect and academic diligence.



Thorncliffe School Mission Statement


Thorncliffe School emphasizes a warm community and sense of belonging. In realizing our vision, we:


  • Are committed to strengthening literacy and numeracy
  • Teach and model The 7 Habits
  • Work from high support to independence
  • Provide current and engaging resources
  • Emphasize process over product
    • Engage in Professional Development that supports healthy lifestyles and effective teaching practices
    • Connect kids with their community and their world through field trips, leadership opportunities and extra curricular activities
  • Value a collective approach to educating and relating with our students