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Parent Groups

Thorncliffe Parent Advisory Council Society

We are a group of parents who are interested in knowing firsthand what is going on in the school and what we can do to help.  Teachers and school administration are focused on educating our children the best they can and teaching valuable leadership skills, the PAC wants to be able to be part of supplementing what is already being done to ensure our children elementary years are the best they can be.

We organize fundraisers, hot lunch days and extra special activities such as after school hours dances, carnivals and bookfairs.

We also co-ordinate a Casino usually out of Yellowhead Casino every other year which raises large funds for our school.

What you need to be on the board of the PAC is some organizing skills, which can be learnt along the way, a few extra hours a month, a desire to demonstrate leadership skills to your children and an imagination.  All you need to do to be part of this exciting board is attend meetings, you do not need to hold a position on the board you can come to meetings and be part of things anyway.  But as someone who has been on the board for many years in many positions I can tell you it is not at all difficult, you basically commit to doing what you are able to do.

Our board is a President, Vice- President, Treasurer, Secretary, Special Event Co-ordinator and a Fund raising Co-ordinator but really everyone works together to come up with great ideas.

Meetings are broken down into two parts, first the School Council meeting where the Principal or a school representative tells us what is going on in the school and once that portion adjourns then the PAC portion where we discuss what things we would like to do in the school, such as hot lunches, fundraisers or special events.

When you decide to include your child in the Thorncliffe family please consider including yourself in the Parent Advisory Council.