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Behaviour & Learning Assistance

The Behavior and Learning Assistance Programs were developed by Edmonton Public Schools in response to a demand for the teaching of students who have been diagnosed by a psychiatrist or psychologist as exhibiting Severe Behavioural Disorders. Programming focuses on helping students to cope with their social, emotional, and academic difficulties. The students are provided with a segregated site that has highly structured behavioural and academic programming designed to improve student's functioning so they may be successfully reintegrated into a mainstream learning group.

Behavior and Learning Assistance programming assists students with chronic, extreme, pervasive anti-social behaviors. Programming supports students to achieve academically and to develop and apply acceptable behavior and social skills in the classroom, school and community. Our two Behaviour and Learning Assistance classrooms operate as a team at Thorncliffe.


Literacy programs

In addition to our regular Kindergarten to grade six program, Thorncliffe provides ELL, Literacy, Opportunity and Behavior Learning Assistance programming as well as special assistance for a number of students with hearing and/or physical impairments.  We offer Levelled Literacy Intervention programs for our students experiencing difficulty with reading and comprehension.