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Division Site programs

Thorncliffe is proud to host three Division sites for students with special learning needs.  These students receive programming in smaller classes with additional adult support.

Parents are integral to the success of students in the Literacy,  Connections and Interactions programs.  Each child will have an Individual Program Plan developed in consultation with the parents and reviewed regularly throughout the school year. When required, staff will also create an Individual Behaviour Support Plan (IBSP) to ensure the safety of all students and staff in the program.



Connections Program

Our Connections program supports students displaying chronic, extreme and pervasive behaviours.

Students require close and constant adult supervision and a high level of structure to function in an educational setting.

Our two Connections classrooms operate as a team at Thorncliffe.

More information is available here:




Interactions programming supports students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). ASD impacts how people understand what they see, hear and sense. This lifelong disability can result in difficulties in communication, social relationships, behaviour or learning. Although some students with ASD achieve at grade level, many have uneven or delayed achievement.

More information is available here: https://epsb.ca/programs/specializedprogramming/interactions/


Literacy program

Literacy is more than just knowing how to read and write—it’s about making sense of the information you see.
For students requiring academic support, the Literacy program helps students diagnosed with specific learning disabilities develop the skills and abilities to achieve in all subject areas.
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